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Bella Viola

Mind Transport Digital Remaster

Mind Transport Digital Remaster 634479795695 February 16, 2006

  • Bella Viola

    The Hellband

  • It's A New Day

  • Oasis And Beyond

  • Flujo Latino

  • Nature Plays

  • The Heat Is On

  • Oow Oo Vous Sont

  • Mystery In Dance

  • Spaceship

  • Mello On The Yellow Brick Road

  • Reflections

  • Whirl & Twirl

Mind Transport is now the sound tracks for my videos at you tube. The sounds tracks of Latin, jazz, African, Classical and Middle Eastern instruments which I have composed to create a orchestration that never existed. Listening to these tracks you might relax or move you to dance. Sound tracks like “Oasis and Beyond”or ” Mello On The Yellow Brick Road “are more serene where as “The Heat Is On” or “Bella Viola” are upbeat dance tracks. These soundtracks could be a platform to help you meditate on your personal thoughts, decisions or conflict